Tiger vs Phil Golf

 Tiger vs Phil  Golf live stream , 23 November 2018 Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson TV Schedule Live Stream and Latest Odd The Match Live Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson Press Conference Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson ‘The Match’ What time where can I watch how to stream prediction and odds More for Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson live stream Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson The Match 24 7 LIVESTREAM

Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson live stream , 23 November 2018 Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson TV Schedule Live Stream

Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson

 Tiger vs Phil  Golf will tee it up on Friday in Las Vegas for The Match, which will feature loads of cash ($9 million to the winner), plenty of side bets (Mickelson already put $200,000 on the table that he would birdie the first hole) and what should be one of the more unique golf viewing experiences we’ve ever had.

There will be a lot going on on Friday for those who fork over the $19.99 to watch a few hours of two of the best to ever play the game going at it on the course (and on the mic). The presentation will include live odds on a variety of shots, drone footage and on-course interviews with the players. It’s also uncensored (and you can wager on how much the two golfers will curse).

“This event is designed to be a unique experience for a golf viewer, and to have an insight into what goes on with the players to create a production from drone coverage to on-screen gambling to live mics and interaction,” said Mickelson on Tuesday.

“It’s an insight into the game that you’re not normally able to see. That’s why we’ve chosen each decision. It’s why it’s on pay-per-view. We had to eliminate the commercials to have that insight in between shots.”

And speaking of that pay-per-view decision, here’s a look at the schedule of events so you can watch all the action on whatever device you want.

All times Eastern; streaming start times approximated

Friday, November 23
Round starts: 3 p.m.
Price: $19.99

Watch online: B/R Live

Watch on Tiger vs Phil Golf@ TV: You can  purchase through DIRECTV or AT&T U-Verse.
Watch on TV in 4K: DIRECTV channel 106 is offering a 4K edition for $29.99.

“During the live event competition, both Woods and Mickelson will selectively make side challenges against one another,” an official press release states. “For instance, Woods or Mickelson could raise the stakes by challenging the other to a long-drive, closest-to-the-pin or similar competition during a hole as they play their match, with money being donated to the winning golfer’s charity of choice.”

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